Speed Cubing

I have been speed solving a Rubik’s cube for over a year now. I have learned several techniques for solving the Rubik’s cube faster.

Easten Elefson solving a Rubik's Cube


The method I use to solve the Rubik’s cube is the most popular method for speed cubers, CFOP. CFOP stands for Cross, First two layers, Orientation of last layer, and Permutation of last layer.

First, you solve the white cross, then the first two layers, then the yellow top, then the sides of the last layer. The image below shows the stages of the CFOP method.

CFOP Method, White Cross, First Two Layers, Orientation of the Last Layer, and Permutation of the Last Layer.

How fast am I

There are a lot of different kinds of measurements used to measure how fast someone is at Rubik’s Cubing. Two of the most used are the Average Of 5 (Ao5) and the personal best single solve time. My best Ao5 is 15.79, and my best single is 12.27.