Programming Skills

I have taken two college courses on python. I have taken an Object Oriented Programming fundamentals course from CGCC that used python to demonstrate OOP. I have also taken a class entirely focusing on Python from CGCC as well. I have learned to manipulate files, perform algorithmic calculations, and make text based games.

I have taken a college course on Java though I learned how to use Java to perform algorithmic calculations and display text to the console. I also learned about sorting algorithms and computer science from this class.

I have taken a C# class through GCU that taught me how to create a Web Form Application (.NET). I also learned how to make a Console Application. I am able to create a C# program to professional standards.

I have taken two different classes with focuses on SQL and databases. I have taken a class which taught MySQL. I learned what a relational database is, how to create one, and how to write MySQL scripts. I also learned what goes into being a database administrator.

I have also taken a SQL class that focused on Oracle SQL. I learned the same principles I had previously learned, and how to apply them to Oracle SQL.

I have taken two HTML classes where I developed and programmed a fully functional local website. I can create-multi paged websites that are programmed to professional standards, and aesthetic.

I have also taken a JavaScript class in which I learned to make websites interactive and functional. I can now manipulate website content as needed with JavaScript.